Jquery & Ajax

Hire developer for Jquery and Ajax issues

Now days if you will purchase any theme for your website or want to do something unique or want to use animated section then all these requirements can be done easily with the help of JavaScript and Ajax.

But sometimes using JavaScript can be tough call if you have hired any beginner or less experienced freelancer.

Below mentioned are few issues that you can face sometime, these are very common issues of JavaScript:

  1. Uncaught TypeError in JavaScript
  2. Undefined function in JavaScript
  3. Uncaught reference error in JavaScript
  4. Unexpected token in JavaScript
  5. Uncaught range error in JavaScript
  6. Invalid state error in JavaScript
  7. Conditional statements errors in JavaScript
  8. Errors related to “this” global variable
  9. Error due to “Overwriting functions and Overloading functions” in JavaScript.
  10. Missing parameters
  11. Error related to “For loop”  in JavaScript
  12. Scope related issue in JavaScript like this, that and window
  13. Global variable issues
  14. Missing curly braces errors in JavaScript
  15. Errors due to missing semicolons in JavaScript
  16. Issues related to “setTimeout” and “setInterval”.
  17. Issues related to “Concat” in JavaScript.
  18. Issues related to “Typecasting” in JavaScript.

Also besides this we have excellent expertise in “Popcorn JS” and “Fabric JS” and “Html 5 Canvas”. The major uses of these JS are “Video annotations”. Video annotations means, user can pause a video and can draw with pencil and can place objects on the video. And they can save their annotations on video. If you want to drag and drop any object like rectangular, Triangle, Square, Circle etc in “Video annotations” then you can use these types of JS. We are also providing solutions for “Annotation related tasks”.

We are also expert in Jquery Ajax error handling for $.get, $.post, $.load methods. Ajax we can use basically when we don’t want to reload the page. Sometimes you can use in contact forms. Once user will submit the form then it will not redirect and operation will also perform successfully.