10 major changes you should know about X-cart 5 or Magento 2?

If you have decided to start your online store and business and if you will find out the solutions then you will get 2 big names of ecommerce solutions which are X-cart and Magento 2. Both systems are new and their community and developers now working on modules for stable version.

We can see the significant improvements and changes in X-cart 5 in comparison of its own X-cart 4 and got same difference in Magento and Magento 2.

We are also taking feedbacks from our client time to time and in most of the cases they said that they are reviewing the features and then they will decide that which ecommerce solution they will adopt.

So we also got few points of X-cart new version which is X-cart 5.3 and Magento latest version which is Magento 2. We have listed all the major bullet points for both ecommerce solutions from which you can get idea of enhancements.

X-cart 5.3:

  • New design
  • Easy drag and drop of structures for admin
  • Twig is used for templates
  • Fast lane checkout is launched
  • Bulk edit orders, products is introduced
  • Numbering systems of version is changed for better understanding
  • Fast caching system
  • Performance is improved due to PHP 7
  • No more rebuild cache
  • Customization is easier now


Magento 2:

  • New folder structure is introduced
  • Option to move blocks and change the position
  • Stopped supporting bootstrap and now started own LESS and CSS in theme core
  • Index tables are used to increase performance
  • Varnish integrated to improve speed
  • Decent look dashboard for admin
  • Better security
  • Reduced upgrade costs and efforts.
  • Front-end development is easy now
  • Product manager interface is much improved.


So if you want looking for “X-cart 5.3 Vs Magento 2” or want to explore that which one is best X-cart 5.3 or Magento 2 then this is the right place where you can look into all the points and can review under one roof.

If you have decided the best ecommerce solution for your store and looking to hire a developer or freelancer then just drop us a line and will get back to you with more detailed suggestions and guidance.