5 important things that you should have in your eCommerce store for mobile users in 2019.

Mobile users ratio in comparison to desktop users is increased now a days and there is no need to prove the importance of mobile users. Recently in a survey its proved that visits from mobile users are increased from 57% to 63%.

Mobile users versus desktop users

So whether if you are going to start your company / startup website or you are a established business owner of a eCommerce store, you need to make your website best as per mobile users point of view.

Here in this blog we are going to discuss about key factors which are required for mobile visitors on a eCommerce website.

A) Make header simple and dynamic : Header of websites should be proper flexible and space needs to be utilized properly. As when the page loads the header is the one of the first section which loads on mobile.

B) Banner : Banner is another important thing for mobile users. So first thing is very clear that you can’t simply use the desktop banner as it is. There can be 2 options, either make different banners for mobile or don’t use the banner for mobile with less width devices and instead use some other important section of your website like offers, hot products etc.

C) Content display : On category pages, usually some content required for SEO point of view and for information of that category as well. So best way to show the content sections through accordion view .

D) Ajax / auto load items : On pages like filters, carts try to use Ajax for refreshing items and contents instead of page load. For example if user is updating filters, adding, removing products or updating quantity then you can use ajax to update page contents.

E) Simple Checkout : The last but the most important section is “Checkout”. Either you are using eCommerce solutions like Magento, Shopify, Xcart or you are using custom frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter etc your checkout process should be very smooth clear and easy to you. Don’t irritate users with annoying pop-ups etc on checkout page. Make it very clean and easy.

So if you need increase conversion for mobile users then you can follow these steps simply. If you think which we missed or need to cover, do feel to let us know your thoughts on help@freelancergurus.com.