Custom search module in X-Cart

Hire X-Cart developer, freelancer for custom search

Looking to build a custom search module in X-Cart ?

You are on right place.

We did really well in X-Cart and the best part is not only X-Cart 4 but in X-Cart 5 as well. Our concept towards making a custom module is clear like “Sprite – Clear Hai”

In past we already customized lots of X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 websites. We created custom modules, customized X-Cart core functions and many more.

When it comes to X-Cart then you have few readymade modules available like Cloud search. And it has good options as well but its default function will work only on default functions and less customized websites.

For that we have custom X-Cart search available which will exact like cloud search but with advanced options and much effective. Cloud search stores data and keywords in a database and module is fully encrypted so if you are looking for high level customization as per your customized, variant based product then it will be complex to work with cloud search.

For this we have good experience and can build a custom module for you.

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