Hire cheapest Angular with Laravel developer in london

When we said “CHEAPEST” then its True. I mean below are the records.

A top agency in UK showing its record that a hourly cost for Angular developer in UK starts from £20 to £80 and high in some cases.

Angular developer hourly cost in London

Same agency have details that hourly cost for Laravel developer may starts from £20 to £40.

Laravel developer hourly cost in london

Above details are for separate developers. That means you need to hire 2 developers, one for Angular and another for Laravel. In that case both will cost approx £50 to £80 on average. And there will be a very low probability that you can hire a single developer who knows both well.

So here Freelancergurus comes into play. 

We have passionate developers available in our team and we can allocate a single developer who will have knowledge of both i.e. Angular and Laravel. And this way we can offer you a price that will save your half of hourly cost. And the best part will be that the developer who will work on your project will know both Front-end and Back-end. And you will get all your queries answered on same place.

So you can review hourly cost of Angular and Laravel in England, London, South East, North of England, Midlands, South West,Wales and Scotland and you will see that what we have mentioned is approx same.

And if you are worried about the quality and response time then, this is the only place where we are confident and committed.

So don’t look further. Just drop us a line and lets start work together.