How to migrate from X-Cart 4 to X-cart 5

This is the important question for those shop owners who have their store in X-Cart 4.

X-Cart also launched a module from which you can migrate X-cart 4 to X-cart 5. This tool you can use for migration of your X-cart 4 website. BUT we must say that this module is good for basic / simple type websites. IF you have done some customization in your website then you should follow the migration process manually.

We are giving a brief idea for that. This migration process will be easy and comfortable for you if you are technically sound, experience and earlier played with X-Cart tables and files.

And you haven’t worked in X-cart then you can take help of a X-cart company or freelancers like us. We are experienced freelancers and worked earlier for some international clients. You can drop us a line and we will do this migration job very smoothly.

So if you will ask brief idea, then at first you need to think about database. Database of something important section of your website and we are sure that you dont want to miss anything from your database. In database you need to look into your important tables. Important tables for X-cart or any other ecommerce systems are Products, attributes, users and orders. Basically you need to take full backup of your DB and files and then start migrating tables manually. 

Next part is file section. If you have done some customization in your store’s design then you must have done some customization in files and there will be a custom skin or sub theme folder will be available. You need to move files one by one and once done then then you are almost there.

Once file and database is moved completely then you need to rebuild the cache once and match your database and do some final configurations and changes in files according to theme. May be in some areas you can take help of designer for CSS.

X-Cart also mentioned some important information for X-cart 4 to X-cart 5 migration. Also if you need help or any consultation for migration then just drop us a line and will get back to you asap.