Laravel developers : Things you should know before hiring

Laravel is most popular Php framework now a days and either its about client perspective or developers point of view it’s getting adopted very quickly.

This blog is about some key points which are important for either to be a expert Laravel developer or to hire a expert Laravel developer.

  1. Basic concept: It’s very important that you should have full knowledge about basic concepts, OOPS concept, logics, scenarios and functions. If you missed the play school of Php then to become a expert Laravel developer will be bit tough for you.
  2. Database: Knowledge of database is also a very essential part as on every single step, database will be involved. Either developing a website / module from scratch or optimizing a database both will involve database work. So you should have good understanding in database.
  3. MVC structure: Everyone know the full form Model View Controller but it’s important that you should be aware of MVC basics and its flow as its a foundation.
  4. Composer: Knowledge of composer is very important and if you need to follow the Laravel standards then you should have good knowledge about it.
  5. Eloquent: This is very important factor that you know about eloquent queries because it will simple smooth your database operations add, edit, retrieve etc.
  6. Debugging: Either you are working on new project or working with previously build project, debugging skill is very important factor. You should hit your debugging in right areas so that you can get the expected results.
  7. Blades and controllers: Last but not the least, you should have good control on blades and controller files to become a expert Laravel developer. Blades and controllers are base of Laravel and there is no shortcut to avoid this skill.

So above are some major points that you should know to become a expert Laravel developer.

Now if your next question is “Where to find a expert Laravel developer?”

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So if you are looking for hire a expert Laravel developer for below services then you are on correct place:

  • To build a website from scratch.
  • To build a CRM application.
  • To build a eCommerce solution in Laravel.
  • To build a custom module in Laravel.
  • To revamp / redesign a existing Laravel website.
  • Laravel maintenance project.

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