Payment gateway integration in X-cart

Hire dedicated X-cart developer to integrate payment gateway in X-cart store

X-cart is providing various types of payment gateway options in X-cart along with X-payment which is custom solution of X-cart. So we can integrate and configure any type of payment gateway in X-cart 5 and X-cart 4.

You can use various type of payment gateways in X-cart 5 and X-cart 4 like PayPal express, PayPal normal, Sagepay, Xpayment, Credit/debit card,, Stripe and many more. We can install all these modules and configure it for you in you online X-cart store.

Besides this if you want a payment gateway which is not available in X-cart 5 or X-cart 4 then we can build a custom module for payment gateway for you.

So if you want to use any payment gateway in X-cart 5 or X-cart 4 then drop us a line and we will install and configure that payment gateway for you.