Shopify customization services

Being a expert Shopify developer we have got so many queries about Shopify customization.

The most popular question was Is is possible to do customization in shopify? And our clients were asking that We have heard that customization in Shopify is not possible.

Let me tell you, these all are just a myth. You can do as much as customization you need. You can do customization in all areas excluding checkout. But you can do the changes in styling in checkout, can add branding as well.

Besides checkout you can do:

  • Customization on homepage
  • Customization on category page
  • Customization on sub category page
  • Customization on filters on product list page
  • Customization on product detail page

We will prove this as well.

Recently we worked for a client and customized each and every section of website. And honestly speaking you can do the design the structure as per your need and customize everything you need.

At Freelancergurus we can give a dynamic backend option for you so that you can do the changes as per your need without any help of Shopify developer.

Below is screenshot how it will look like:

Based on our past experience we have found Shopify really good and dynamic.

The project that we are talking about was fully customized and specially product page. Below is the screenshot of product page.

Product page is highly customized and we have created a drag drop feature. Customers can drag items from right side and can drop to left side black box. According price is getting changed.

So this is fully customized and working fine. We have handled mobile responsive as well.

Overall the main purpose of this blog was to clear the myth that there is nothing complex and customization is not a issue. If you are looking to get some customization done for you store then you can hire Shopify developer from our team.

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