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Hello friends, proudly announcing a tool called “Video annotation”. Our team developed this tool with their positive efforts. As we all know that “Annotation” means to make some changes on video or images. Our team developed this software for video, so you will be able to annotate video file. You can integrate this tool in your websites.

If you don’t have technical knowledge then Don’ Worry. We are here to help you in this. We can integrate this tool in your Php, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Joomla and many more. so overall we can integrate this tool in any CMS and in any framework.

We are selling this software on a very affordable cost, it means you can purchase this video annotation tool on a very competitive cost. Below mentioned are few features that we have developed in our video annotation software which are :

  1. Place the text on video
  2. Drag and drop objects like rectangle, circle and Triangle etc on video
  3. Choose a pencil and draw on the video

These are 2 main features also besides this we can integrate many more features as per your requirement. So you can use this video annotation tool for your website as per your need. If you want to see the demo of this video annotation tool then just drop us a line and we can show you how this tool will work.

If you want to add more feature in this video annotation tool and want to add something unique then you can share your requirement with us and we will be able to work on that and will deliver you accordingly.

You can draw anything on video and can add , delete your annotations from it. So this video annotation tool is just like FUN!!!

This video annotation software is extremely simple and powerful tool. There are many type of annotation tools are available but we are providing something best. To annotate a video, you just need to pause the video and draw your comments etc on video then save it. Its DONE. Is in’t simple ??

This tool we have developed with the help of JS, Canvas and HTML 5. Its very effective and affordable tool in the market.

Use of this tool: For example, If you are a coach of any academy and you are providing training to students and players and you have your own academy website as well. Then this video annotation tool will help you a lot.  We can create a dashboard for your website from which students / players can upload their videos and you can revert the video with your annotation comments. (See below screenshot)

Buy video annotation software

So from this you can save the video and you player / student will watch this and this will help his / her to improve.

Want a demo for this Video annotation software ? Just drop us a line.

This tool is simply amazing we are selling it worldwide and our clients are happy and satisfied with this. So purchase this video annotation tool today. Its cheapest video annotation tool that we are selling. HURRY!!!