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So are you looking for developers or freelancers for game development?

This is the right place for you and search ends here. Our team is well experience and very interested in such type of projects. Like car racing games, puzzle related games or any small type of games. We are so confident and really interested in the game development because our main key point is that we have expertise in Html 5 and JS. These both platforms are very helpful for game related projects. Our team has done some small game development projects and we are capable to handle any kind of requirement.

Now a days some popular platforms for web game development are Matter.js, Construct 2, Easel.js, Phaser,  Pixi Js, playcanvas, turbulenz, melonjs, enchantjs, voxeljs, craftyjs and kiwijs. Some are paid and some are open source. But most common thing in all these platforms are, they support Html 5 and JS which is our core strength. Our team is confident that we are do any type of customization in these platforms as well as in our custom code. Actually our team is looking for such type of interesting projects either big or small because its something that our cup of tea and they want to explore more in this direction.

So if you are looking for a game developer then you can drop us a line and we will discuss your requirement. We are comfortable in all type of languages for game development and you will like our game development services. The reason is that we are committed, interested in these type of tasks and we can offer a very cost effective solution than others.

So if you have finalized the requirement and happy with what we said above. Then your next question may be “What will be cost for a game development?”.

Answer: You can’t even believe but yes our game development services are starts from $500 USD. So most of the time it depends upon your requirement.

We are happy to work on your project and our team would happy if you can work with us with your interesting projects.

So just fill out our contact form and share your requirement for “Game development service” and we will get back to you with details. You will get best freelancers for game development here.

Note: We only work with web based games. We haven’t done any iOS or Android app yet. But we would be happy if we will get opportunity or any new challenges.