What are differences between X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5

Recently we got few queries from our clients that which version of X-Cart is good? X-Cart 4 or X-Cart 5. 

So we have written this blog to provide some details and differences between both X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5. There are main 3 sections for X-Cart i.e. Setup and installation, Design and Customization. So we have focused on those 3 as of now.

Lets start from Installation and admin area first. If you will compare the both admin and setup structure then you can see that design wise X-Cart 5 admin is improved in comparison to X-Cart 4. There are various settings option available in X-Cart 5 now. And specially if  you are looking to search any plugin, feature related to Xcart  then you don’t need to leave site. You can just search in admin.

Admin screen X-Cart 4:

Xcart 4 admin screen

Admin screen X-Cart 5:

xcart 5 admin screen

Now lets talk about Design part. We think that  here also X-Cart 5 is better then X-Cart 4 as in X-Cart 5 it comes with a decent theme called “Crispy white” and along with this it has various option available in theme section. You can use “Theme Tweaker” in X-cart 5 for design changes.

And now the important part Customization. Where as customization in X-Cart 4 is much easier in comparison to X-Cart 5 but sometimes upgrading your X-Cart 4 store with your customization is more tricky. And everytime if a major release or patches will come then you need to almost re-code your features. In X-Cart 5, customizations are complex and time consuming but if you will pick the X-Cart 5 default structure and coding functions along with classes then it will be easy to customize.

So overall, as per understanding and experience point of view, if you want to follow the latest apps like multi-vendor, product comparison, advance catalog, advance filter options etc then you can go with X-Cart 5. And if you are looking for mid level customization in your X-Cart store with basic features then you can go with X-Cart 4.

Here at Freelancergurus, we have extensive knowledge of X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5. And you can hire X-Cart 4 developers and X-Cart 5 developers for any type of tasks either its a small fixing or a full advance level customization.