What are important things in Drupal 8 for beginners or business owners?

If you are Drupal developer or business owner and thinking about Drupal 8 for your learning or your business then in this blog we have listed some bullet points. From the listed points you will get idea of main attractions of Drupal 8.

So hope you all received the new that Drupal 8 is released already few months ago and Drupal community and CEO Dries buytaert everyone is trying to make Drupal 8 successful and everyone is giving their best. And this is the main reason that you will see that lots of modules are available in stable version. We have reviewed Drupal 8 closely (In fact our site http://www.freelancergurus.com/ is in DRUPAL 8. We loved it. Seriously) and find out some major points of Drupal 8 that we wanted to share with you are:

  • Attractive UI and new themes.
  • Twig is used for templates.
  • Contact forms are already there.
  • 100% Mobile friendly. Even you can access admin area also in mobile device.
  • Some big names adopted Drupal 8 immediately after launch. Review the list here https://www.drupal.org/8/early-adopters .
  • Html 5 is powerful
  • Ready for any language.
  • VIEWS module in core.
  • Content editing is easy now, no need to switch the editor options.
  • Quick edit is available for nodes.
  • Built in web services.
  • Lots of fields are loaded in core. For example Date, Email, Link, reference are in core already.
  • Loading time of websites will be too less due to Drupal 8 caching.
  •  Php 7 compatible
  • Big Pipe module introduced. This is one of the best points. Performance is significantly improved.  
  • Easy to customize in back-end. So admin area is hassle free.
  • Ckeditor built it.
  • Freedom to set images according to device.
  • Tour link is there to get better understanding.
  • Symfony supported
  • Import / Export your setting and configurations

So above mentioned are the few points that will amaze you and you will love it.