What is Userfrosting, About Features and Why to use UserFrosting?

What is UserFrosting?

Userfrosting is getting popular now days due to its user management built in features. It’s founded by Alexander Weissman. And now it’s getting mature day by day and peoples started adopting it. It’s a framework of Php and free to use. It’s a simple and perfect for those who are looking to build a user based website, want to create a employee management, staff management system, want to build  a advance social networking site or looking to build a big forum or community website with some roles and permissions.

What basic sections you will get from UserFrosting?

  • A login page
  • Register page
  • Forgot password
  • Remember me
  • User dashboard
  • Create , Edit, Delete user records in admin
  • Site global settings
  • Decent dashboard theme
  • Ajax searching and advance filter option
  • Advance level Role system
  • Permission section for existing or new users
  • And many more!!!

Why UserFrosting?

It’s fast if you are looking for user oriented websites or application as its inbuilt feature will save your time. It’s secure so you don’t need to worry about it security. Best part is, it’s easy to customize. So if you need a user based website along with any other feature or with customization then it can be a perfect choice.

How to install UserFrosting?

You can get all the details of installation here https://learn.userfrosting.com/installation .

Troubleshooting in UserFrosting.

After or in between installation if you are getting errors and you are facing issues then you can take a look below mentioned documents:

Troubleshooting document UserFrosting: http://www.userfrosting.com/troubleshooting Or take a look of detailed tutorials here https://learn.userfrosting.com/ .

Where Freelancergurus can help?

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