WordPress maintenance and support

If you have a WordPress website(s) and you are looking for an agency to maintain and support for your website. Then here at Freelancergurus you will experience a Clean, Safe and Secured Website with WP Team Support. Keep your website the way it has to be.

We will do a proper analysis and periodical checking to make your website fresh and alive. Enjoy faster website than ever before. You will get friendly WordPress expert’s help and we will be responsible to solve your issues instantly. We are just a call ahead in your bad times. We continuously monitor to keep your website up and running all the time.

Here at Freelancergurus, our expert WordPress developer will customize and fix your existing website to your needs. Finally we will give you a experience from you will feel like a brand new website. You will only pay for your needs, not more than that. There will be flexibility to choose a plan according to you need.

For this WordPress maintenance services, those customers will be interested who might not be technically sound and who want to focus on the benefits of using WordPress as a platform for their site without having to worry about constantly updating plugins because of security concerns, need peace of mind of having someone look after site backups and monitoring for downtime and so on. At Freelancergurus we offer below mentioned services for WordPress support and maintenance which are:

  • Small fixes in WordPress website
  • Issue in WordPress plugin
  • Issue in WordPress theme
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Update of Plugins and Themes
  • Backups
  • Website Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization