Build your new online store in 2 weeks with Angular in London

Surprised with the title of blog? Yes its true. Still not believing?

Yes you heard right.. It can be done.

Reason behind this is “Freelancergurus” only.. Happy to share that our team created a ready made system of online store and the best part of it that its in Laravel with Angular. So you can get your online store ready in London in 2 weeks only. Laravel will make your website secure and Angular will make it super fast.

This combination will make you super happy.

And the best part it that you can get this customized easily.

Why Angular is best for your online store??

The main reason is that with Angular, you can feel the speed of website. I mean it will just open like you just clicked. And we have few examples where we saw that pages like category, product which may take time to open with other platform are opening in 1-2 sec only with Angular. So overall user experience will be too much improved with it.

Why Freelancergurus for this ?

Because, we did a detailed research on this and then our skilled developers then created this ready made system. We already have a passionate developers in our team who knows Angular and Laravel both very well. So the system that we have created, we know overall about it in deep. And you can get all type of modifications done easily. The reason behind making system was to deliver it quickly. For example if you will start hiring anyone in London for Laravel and Angular then it may take 5-6 weeks minimum to complete a website and cost for that may be approx £6000-7000 minimum. With our ready made online store solution you can save your time up-to 60% and best part is that it can be done in half of actual price.

So don’t wait if you want to looking for below options :

  • Looking to build a online store in Angular in London / UK
  • Online store with Angular and Laravel in London / UK
  • Hire dedicated developer to build your online store in Angular London / UK
  • Expert Angular developer to build a online store in London /UK

At first, we can give you a demo of solution that we build in Laravel and Angular and I am sure that it will surprise you. So please get in touch with us and get your online store ready with Angular in 2 weeks.