How to create Multivendor eCommerce solution in X-cart?

Multivendor solution is a eCommerce platform that allow clients to create and online marketplace. In this type of system multiple independent vendors can sell their product through single store. A multivendor ecommerce can have N number of vendors.

X-Cart 5 is providing one of the best solution for Multivendor system. In X-Cart 5 you can get multivendor functionality in 2 editions which are “Multivendor” and “Ultimate”. For more details click here .

With this X-Cart multivendor Vendors can get following things :

1) Either admin can create vendor account or Vendors can apply through a form available on front-end with their basic details and information.

2) Vendors in X-Cart multivendor system will get a separate page in the store. On that page they will be able to show their logo, company details, available products, categories.

3) Each vendor will get their own login and dashboard to manage products, categories, logo, profile page, shipping and cost etc.

4) Vendors can manage their inventory by themselves. They will have options to add, modify, import products. Also they can create multiple coupons and discounts.

Other key attractions :

1) Advance filter options for customers and search is effecient.

2) Customers can ask question with vendors directly.

3) Checkout and payment system is smooth.

4) Fully mobile friendly.

5) Multiple currency options available.

Admin will also get full control on the store. Admin can mange all vendors, prodcts, catgories. Commision system is very easy and sophisticated. It will auto split the vendor revenue and admin commission. Admin will be able to setup shipping rates, register new vendors and payment methods.

Admin will get 2 options to run the store :

1st “Warehouse mode” : In warehouse mode, admin will be able to specify shipping methods, rates for checkout and all the orders will be managed by store administrator.

2nd “Vendor mode” : In this mode vendors needs to specify their shipping methods. So if basket of a customer is having product from multiple vendors then it wil grouped accordingly. Customer need to select shipping for each vendor’s product and payment will be processed.

For customer there are few things available in X-Cart multivendor :

1) They will be able to get access of Vendors list.

2) Customers can access vendor’s profile page and their products list.

3) They can filter the search results by Vendor filter.

So overall if you are looking for Multivendor marketplace then X-Cart has best options for this.

How Freelancergurus can help ?

Here at Freelancergurus, we have expert X-Cart developers available and we can manage all the X-Cart related development and related operations. We can build your X-Cart multivendor marketplace for you and can manage as well as per your need. Our X-Cart development services are mentioned below :

1) Build Multivendor eCommerce platoform in X-Cart

2) eCommerce platform management in X-Cart

3) Module development in X-cart 4 and X-Cart 5

4) Product upload and configuration in multivendor X-Cart

5) Payment gateway integration in Multivendor X-Cart

6) Customization in Multivendor X-Cart

So if you are looking to build a multivendor X-Cart store then please contact at or drop us a line and we will work together to make the project successful.