Migrate your X-Cart 4 store to X-Cart 5

X-Cart is a well known eCommerce solution and it provides variety in plugins and performance. X-Cart is currently supporting their both versions i.e. X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 and if you need then you can stay with X-Cart 4 version. But if you want to upgrade your X-Cart 4 store and want to move in X-Cart 5 then this blog is for you.

At first let me tell you that what are options and why you need to move from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5?

  • Design: X-Cart 5 provides lots of advance theme options and its free theme Crisp white is decent. So if you want to step out from old traditional look of X-Cart 4 then X-Cart 5 is for you.
X-Cart 5 crisp white theme
  • Admin operations: In X-Cart you will get a new look and design in admin which will make your day to day operations easy and its new look will impress you for sure.
admin section look n feel X-Cart 5
  • Front-end look: This is also a best part of X-Cart 5 that you can give attractive look to your customer with X-Cart 5 built in and other various X-Cart plugins. It has lots of option for user point of view like ajax loading, easy basket option and intuitive one page checkout option.
  • SEO factor: X-Cart 5 is much powerful then X-Cart 4 in terms of SEO sections. It has lots of latest tools, option and perfect option from which you can make your website fully SEO friendly.
  • Security: X-Cart 5 has lots of option from which you can give more secure environment to your X-Cart customers. It has PCI/DSS compliant that you can get with Authorize.Net and also it has fraud detection options.
  • Performance: X-Cart 5 performance is better than X-Cart 4 and you can use memcached, Varnish options easily on server and it has lots of in built caching options available for Images, css and JS files.

So overall you can see that you X-Cart 5 will give you lots of powerful options from which you can make your store dynamic and healthy in terms of performance, security etc.

Having said this, you can still live with your X-Cart 4 website and it doesn’t mean that its mandatory to move from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5. Because X-Cart 4 itself has lots of options available in its range and X-Cart is supporting its both versions consistently. X-Cart 5 is just one step ahead and launched with upgraded options and new options.

So if you are looking for below services then our X-Cart developers can help you:

  • Hire X-Cart developer for consultation (Its free).
  • Hire X-Cart developer for X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5 migration.
  • Hire X-Cart developer for X-Cart migration services.

We have good understanding of X-Cart both versions i.e. X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 and we have good control in core files and database options. We did some good modules as well in both X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5. This is the main reason that we can do anything in X-Cart.

I know that you are worried about various things before migration:

  • Current design
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Categories
  • Customizations
  • Payment Gateway

There are few tools available from which migration can be done easily but some are paid and if you have any customization then we need to redo it in X-Cart 5. But we GUARANTEE and make sure that while migration from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5 you will get these things perfect:

  • Design: We can migrate your existing design pixel perfect in your new X-Cart 5 store. if you need then we can revamp and give you new design along with migrations.
  • Orders: We will migrate all your X-Cart 4 orders, order items and coupons etc in new X-Cart 5 website.
  • Customers: We will migrate all your X-Cart 4 customers in X-Cart 5 but password can’t be migrated. (Don’t worry while migration before live we will send a reset password emails to your customers from which they can login into their account)
  • Products: We will migrate all your X-Cart 4 orders to X-CARt 5.
  • Categories: We will migrate all your all categories and subcategories from X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5.
  • Customizations: Customizations can’t be migrated but don’t worry if you can brief the requirement then we will create the same in X-Cart 5 store as well. And even if you are not sure or its too old then we will review the code and explain you the flow.
  • Payment gateway: We will make sure that all your X-Cart 4 payment options will work in X-Cart 5 store as well. If it’s available with module then we will do that else we can integrate through REST API, if its done with custom module then we can tweak the code and upgrade it for X-Cart 5.

So overall we are confident about X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5 migration and we can do this, doesn’t matter how big the website it, how much customizations it has and where its hosted. We’ll just do it.

So if you are thinking about to migrate your X-Cart 4 store to X-Cart 5 then just use our FREE CONSULTATION services and our X-Cart experts will suggest you the best. And on that basis you can proceed with the plan.

Drop us a line at help@freelancergurus.com or drop your query through our contact form.